Dan Hardy Is Interested In Testing Matt Brown’s ‘Immortal Theory’

Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy was on hand for the UFC On FX 6 question and answer session ahead of the of the weigh ins for Friday night’s fights. Hardy talked about how a fight between him and veteran welterweight Matt Brown might come fruition, and he also talked about Matt Riddle who has been calling him out for months. Hardy said he is interested in taking fights with guys like  Matt Brown, and not “a big, loud, annoying kid.”

Hardy talked about fighting Matt Brown:

“I’ve been very impressed with him as of late. He had a good run in 2012. Me and ‘The Immortal’ – we’ll test that theory.”

Hardy then explained why he won’t be fighting Matt Riddle:

“He’s just a big, loud, annoying kid…And the problem is if I’m training for somebody, I’m spending three months dedicated to that person, and that would be three months of my life I wouldn’t enjoy… I saw him at the gym. He showed up at Robert Drysdale’s, which is where I train in Las Vegas a lot of the time. And he said, ‘Look, if you want to go, I’ve got a piece for you.’ And he was like, ‘I’m just trying to make a name for myself.’ And then he called me out again, so I’m going to hit him with a bar of soap and a sock or something.”

Story: MMAJunkie
Photo Credit: UFC