Pat Barry Ready for Fireworks Against Shane del Rosario at TUF 16 Finale

Saturday night’s TUF 16 Finale lineup might be headlined by heavyweights but another pair of big boys are sure to entertain earlier in the evening, as heavy-handed kickboxer Pat Barry is set to meet Shane Del Rosario in a main card clash almost certain to feature a finish. Barry has scored stoppages in six of the seven fights he’s won while all eleven of Del Rosario’s victories have involved either a TKO or submission.

Barry knows exactly what kind of war he signed up for when he agreed to action against Del Rosario and recently expressed some mild concern about how stiff a challenge he has in front of him this weekend…

“Stylistically, I think this is a great match-up. If you didn’t know anything about Shane and you just watched the way he fights, you would think he was this young cat who fights at 145 pounds. He’s very nimble, very light on his feet. He’s got not-so-traditional striking, he’s flashy. He’s the kind of a guy who can make a move, you blink, and then you get hit with something you don’t see coming. Besides that, his jiu-jitsu is really, really up-to-date. It’s not your traditional move my knee here, put my knee here, put body pressure here jiu-jitsu. He’s got the kind of jiu-jitsu that he’s going to end up submitting you with something you can’t name.”

“He’s extremely well-rounded everywhere. He’s what MMA fighters are nowadays. He’s not coming in one-sided like myself. I’m a dominant striker and everyone in the world knows that my ground game would be my weakness. He’s coming in more complete.”