Frank Mir Would Love to Welcome Daniel Cormier to the Octagon (VIDEO)

Former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir was poised to put his reputation on the line against unbeaten, up-and-coming Strikeforce fighter Daniel Cormier last month before going down with an injury. The bout fell apart for obvious reasons, with the entire event eventually following suit, and neither man has fought since.

While Cormier has a match-up scheduled for January, Mir has just now finished healing up from his health-related woes and is getting back in shape. Though Mir doesn’t have any specific opponents in mind for his eventual return, it seems he’d still like to clash with Cormier inside the Octagon if possible…

On injury:

“I guess I stepped wrong, kinda had the wrong shoes on that day but I wasn’t going to skip training and ended up slicing my meniscus on my other leg. That was the good knee, so I just had to go in and have it pulled out.”

“It feels great right now….I’m back in the gym now training…Right now I’m 100% healed.”

On Cormier:

“I’m more than happy to make good on my promise and challenge him. And it would be great to fight him in the UFC.”

Check out the full interview below: