Raphael Assuncao Breaks Arm in Mike Easton Match-Up

Ralphael Assuncao has won three straight since dropping down to bantamweight before his UFC 134 win over Johnny Eduardo, and with his recent win over Mike Easton at UFC on FOX 5 he is definitely ‘In the mix.’ Unfortunately for Assuncao, he won’t be getting a number one contender fight or title shot any time soon. Assuncao threw a kick at Easton in the second round, his arm swung around with the kick and also connected  with Easton, snapping his ulna in his arm.

He told MMAJunkie:

“It is the ulna, which is the smaller bone on the forearm, and it’s not a very good feeling with the fracture. It’s been handled, but as far as the pain goes, it’s OK right now. The only thing is I might need to have a surgical procedure to keep that bone in place… It will be at least three months before I can punch the bag again.”

On  the win and a possible contender/title fight:

“I’m happy where I am. I feel it’s coming. I keep doing the right thing. Now I have a little longer of a healing process coming up. But yeah, it was a great experience. I was talking to my brother, and experience is nothing anyone can take from you. Even if it’s a long healing process, no one can take the experience away from you.”

Photo Credit: Versus/NBCSports