Melvin Guillard Admits Loss to Donald Cerrone was Tough but Necessary Pill to Swallow

UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard has been one of the division’s most dangerous competitors since coming on the scene a number of years ago. Possessing explosive power and pure athleticism, the 29-year old striker had taken out 19 of the 30 opponents he’d beaten by way of strikes while, up until his last loss, having never suffered a TKO himself.

Guillard was knocked out by Donald Cerrone in August after putting “Cowboy” on the ropes early. While the manner in which he fell initially irked the seasoned veteran, Guillard has since moved on and plans to show such when he collides with Jamie Varner on Saturday night at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

“For me that was one of the toughest ones to get over because I had never been knocked out in competition, and being knocked out for the first time and the way it happened, it bothered me for a little bit. But I got back up on the horse and had to just get back at it. I can’t let that one fight affect me. Coach Henri (Hooft), my Dutch coach, he had a great point; he said all the great Dutch kickboxers – Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts – all those guys were great champions but they all got knocked out. That’s part of fighting. You get there and you go to fight and it’s either you’re gonna knock him out or he’s gonna knock you out. You can’t beat yourself up over it; you gotta get back in there and go and try to knock the next guy out, so that’s kinda how I approach everything now.”

“It messed with me a little bit mentally, but I’m over it now, I’m ready to fight, and I think Jamie Varner’s a tailor-made fight for me. I want to win this fight, get back on a winning streak, and hopefully chase down that title that I’ve been chasing the last couple years.”