Ultimate Fighter 16 Conference Call (Live Updates Starting at 2:00 PM EST)

The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale takes place on Saturday, Dec. 15, and the UFC is hosting a media call to promote the event. Join Fighters.com for live updates as Roy NelsonMatt Mitrione, and welterweight finalist Mike Ricci and Colton Smith talk about their upcoming fights this weekend. The action kicks off right here  at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT.




ROY NELSON, UFC heavyweight and coach of Team Nelson

-I asked Matt if he wanted to do VADA testing, and he said no. Can’t do much more.

-The one thing about the UFC, they are a great marketing  machine. Fans will see a lot of behind the scenes footage  they didn’t see.

-One big difference between Shane and Matt is one is southpaw. thats a big change.

-difference between coaching and being a contestant on TUF, as a coach you have to get 8 guys to win, not just yourself.

MATT MITRIONE, UFC heavyweight

-Its been a while since fighting not sure about jitters. I fought all my fights in the ufc though, but Ill let you know after the fight.

-Nelson asked me about Vada testing but I felt him asking me was a distraction. I have no problem with drug testing, but I have a short camp. People can test me when ever they want.

MIKE RICCI, The Ultimate Fighter Fridays welterweight finalist

-Its not the first time I had my country on my back.

-The gym at tristar with Rory and GSP’s camp has been crazy. So many great fighters coming through there.  It’s great to have the guidance and the people around me that I do at tristar.

-TUF is a great format, but as far as being taken away from  my element-I didn’t like to do that. I knew I had to do it though. A lot of situations were portrayed differently on the show.

-AFTER TUF I had some social shock when I got back to the city. It was a hostile environment with ppl always sizing you up, I had some re adjusting to do. But I got used to it quickly.

-I didn’t like the experience win or lose. I feel like I gained something by being there, but I didn’t enjoy it one bit.

-On Colton, the beauty of TUF you get too see your opponent fight four times. He didnt lose a round on the show, I know he is a good fighter and I have done what I needed to do to prepare.

-I intend on going backdown to lightweight when this is over.

-We kept the same coaches the whole time, and all these guys  were giving us great advice the show. I didnt think I would learn as much as I did.

COLTON SMITH, The Ultimate Fighter Fridays welterweight finalist

-I got a lot flack for the fake glove tap, I wasn’t doing it on purpose. Thats not my style, my nerves were running high.

-Great experience 16 good fighters. Roy brought in some great coaches and people, and it was great to learn from those guys. I have nothing negative to say about my experience.

-AFTER TUF, right after I got out I spent sometime with my family, but I was right back in the gym helping Tim Kenedey. Im remaining level; headed, and doing the same things.

-I  was surprised how much I learned from the scrap pack and Rashad Evans. Jake Shields really changed the way I handle guys from the top. People can say what they want about Jake Shields but it’s a whole other experience to deal with him on top