“Cyborg” Santos Speaks About Move to Bantamweight and Fight with Ronda Rousey

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos has finally spoken out about not taking a rumble with Ronda Rousey at bantamweight for the first female UFC fight in the promotion’s history. Santos, who is currently finishing a one-year suspension for PED use, said she wanted the bout but simply couldn’t make the 135-pound weight limit in time for Rousey’s February debut.

Last month Santos released a statement from her doctor saying it would be dangerous for her to cut that amount of weight and fight, but now that she’s realized the UFC isn’t going to do other women’s divisions, she has since reconsidered.

Cyborg told Sherdog:

“It was too little time to cut that much weight…I started fighting I weighed 154 pounds, and now I’m about 160 pounds without fighting. I understand, there are not that many fighters in my division. So I’ll make the effort to cut down. Who does not want to fight in the UFC?”

On the Rousey fight:

“She keeps saying that I’m running, but (anyone) who knows me knows that I never run from anyone. If it was up to 145 pounds, I would fight tomorrow. But it’s not that way, and to cut down to 135 pounds I have to follow a plan just right. It’s better for me to fight at bantamweight because the division has more fighters…I’ll make that fight with Ronda happen. I’ll give my best.”