Dominick Cruz Discusses New Injury for The First Time

Dominick Cruz spoke out for the first time about his knee injury that will leave him sidelined for what could be another year. The comments came in an interview with UFC Tonight.

The bantamweight champion spoke about how tough it was to be back at square one with the health-related woe, but mentioned at a certain point you have to stop being depressed and move on. Most of all, Cruz explained how much the fans support has meant to him over the past week or so.

The  story broke a few days ago that Cruz’s body had rejected an ACL replacement, an occurrence that is fairly rare.  Apparently he also aggravated it in a training session while working on his footwork. 

Said Cruz:

“I had my couple days of crybaby time per se. I allowed myself to be mad and be sad and be depressed. And, you know, you reach this stage and there’s no point…The love that I get from the fans right now is really keeping me up and keeping my optimistic. The glass is full right now, the fans want to see me back and that means everything to me.”

He explained how the injury happened:

“We were doing 50 percent movement drills with each other where basically working with each other shadow boxing. On the mat that I was on, with my brace, I don’t know man, I was moving and I went to hit a pivot, and the tissue just popped, I had some thoughts like, no way this happened just moving, because I’ve done so much more than that in physical therapy with my PT guy. I was shocked that it happened and it just popped.”

Photo Credit: UFC