Carlos Condit Not Involved with Lawsuit Against THQ

Rumors started to circulate the week before UFC 154 that Carlos Condit was involved in a lawsuit having to do with his tattoo and the makers of the UFC video game. The rumors are half true because only Condit’s name and likeness are really involved in the case. The lawsuit surrounds the artwork on Condit’s torso and the tattoo artist is saying THQ is using his art without his permission. confirmed with Condit’s management that he is not involved with the case.

Condit’s camp would only say,“Carlos Condit is not involved with the law suit against THQ regarding his tattoo and does not support the lawsuit.”

When checked with an attorney, it was revealed that this might still involve Condit. While this case has a lot of ‘what ifs’ right now, mostly working against the artist and the case moving forward, Condit isn’t necessarily out of the woods. If THQ loses the lawsuit or settles with the artist, depending on the state the agreement was signed in, they could make a claim against Condit for selling something he didn’t have the rights to. That would involve a long drawn out court proceeding involving no settlements, but that is not likely to happen.