Johny Hendricks’ Camp Calling for Fight with Georges St-Pierre

Johny Hendricks’ coach Steven Wright knows exactly what they want to happen in the welterweight division. Wright feels that Hendricks has done more than enough to warrant a fight with defending champion Georges St-Pierre. There is a good chance GSP fights Anderson Silva next, but Wright is doing a good job at selling the idea of a scuffle with the bearded brawler. Wright recently broke down Hendricks’ speed and ability to stay calm in the pocket, and talked a little about St-Pierre’s recent outing at UFC 154.

Wright told Sherdog:

I think that guys who are the best in the world on the feet, your Jose Aldos, your Anderson Silvas, those guys are comfortable standing right in front of someone. I believe that that’s something you can teach, and Johny Hendricks is really good at picking stuff up like that. Plus, he’s a phenomenal fast-twitch athlete with just natural power that you can’t teach.

He concluded on GSP:

Clearly, after the resume that we’ve put together, we definitely want GSP….For GSP to overcome that moment, the moment he wasn’t able to overcome against [Matt] Serra, it speaks volumes to me on how skilled this guy is. That’s why we that much more want to fight him because we want to go against that level.”

What do you guys think? Do you want Anderson Silva-GSP or Hendricks-GSP?