Alessio Sakara Denied Appeal in Loss to Patrick Cote

There were all sorts of things to talk about in the Patrick Cote-Alessio Sakara at UFC 154 – the illegal shots to the back of the head, the lack of warning for said shots, and the TKO win for Sakara being changed to a disqualification loss. Sakara’s camp stayed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to contest the defeat and have the result turned into a No Contest.

Unfortunately for fans of Sakara, the middleweight lost that battle today as well the commission announced an opportunity to appeal the decision was not granted.

LAPresse Reported:

The board refused to consider the application on the ground that the decision of an arbitrator can not be reversed. “The decision of the arbitrator is final and without appeal”, confirmed on Friday a spokesman of the Board, Joyce Tremblay. The decision was communicated to the clan the same day Sakara. Patrick Côté’s victory is confirmed.