Pat Miletich Thinks Johny Hendricks is a More Dangerous Opponent for GSP than Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva may be one of the greatest fighters MMA has ever seen and a consensus pick for pound-for-pound best, but he’s not as big a threat to beat Georges St-Pierre as Johny Hendricks is…at least in the opinion of Pat Miletich. St-Pierre is expected to face one of the two talented competitors in his next bout, whether in a title-defense against welterweight contender Hendricks or super-fight against “The Spider.”

Miletich, a widely-respected trainer, recently turned heads by leaning towards Silva as being a less dangerous option for GSP than Hendricks based on the wrestling ability of each…

“If I’m Georges St. Pierre, to be honest with you, I’m probably going to lean towards fighting Anderson Silva. There’s a hell of a lot more to gain obviously, but that might even, to be honest with you, be a safer fight for him.”

“[St. Pierre] may get a takedown, but he’s not holding Hendricks down. I think Hendricks is obviously a good enough wrestler, a strong enough guy when he’s coming back up. And Hendricks has some serious one-punch knockout power. When he hits people, he’s sliding them across the ice.”

SOURCE: Sherdog