The DraMMA Report: When Reffing Goes Wrong

Yes… it gets nasty outside the Octagon too.

When the refs do their job right, similar to the behind-the-scenes production of a live broadcast, nobody notices and that’s the industry standard. But as soon as the screen turns black and the sounds are still going or the announcer’s mouth is moving slower than he’s speaking, the whole viewership turns into chaos and suddenly a seamless broadcast turns into a back of the head bashing free for all.

Speaking of back of the head bashing, how injured did Patrick Cote have to get before Mirgs called the fight? Obviously Italian Alessio Sakara got extremely heated when he managed to get Cote down against the cage, but his only responsibility in the Octagon is to finish his opponent – a feat he was punches away from achieving had he decided to use side of the head hits rather than the illegal move. When Joe Rogan explained to Sakara and his translator the severity of his actions the fighter used his broken English to ensure the fans he did not do it intentionally and that he was very sorry for it. I believe him in his entirety – he was so close to finishing Cote the last thing any athlete wants is to be disqualified.

Miragliotta’s inabliity to warn, prevent and stop the fight in a timely matter sets back the advances the UFC has made to promote the sport as a fairly judged, equally reffed opportunity where strict rules are enforced to ensure it isn’t seen as barbaric. Well, after what looked like a scene from a horror movie just short of a hammer, it’s time to face the consequences. First time offenders will be forgiven by the hardcore fans, but repeats from Big Mirg such as the stoppage between Shane Carwin and Frank Mir put the whole category into jeopardy.

Stay tuned for updates from UFC President Dana White sure to follow…