Greg Jackson doesn’t think his involvement in UFC 154 would have mattered

One of the stories that was a constant in the run up to UFC 154 was ‘how would Greg Jackson, not being in the corner of both fighters, affect the outcome of the fight?” Jackson made it clear before the fight that he wasn’t going to be a part of either camp, and he wouldn’t help out Georges St-Pierre or Carlos Condit. Jackson admitted he knew too much information about both fighters to help one over the other, and stepped away from his head coach role. Now that the gloves are off, and the decision has been read, Jackson doesn’t feel like he would have changed much.

The always modest Jackson told

“I don’t think I could have changed anything. I don’t think it’s one of those things where I’m that important. And that goes for either guy. I don’t think I would’ve changed things either way. But I never play the guessing game like that. It’s not how I am, I try not to think back one thing or the other. I think Carlos is an amazing fighter, and I’m just a little bit of what he does.”

Jackson expects everything to go back to normal now that the fight is over, and he also talked about the possibility of an Anderson Silva Vs St-Pierre superfight.

“That’s a challenging fight if it goes down. I have so much respect and love for Anderson. He’s such an amazing fighter that it’s going to be a tough fight. Work cut out for us. If anybody can do it, Georges can, that’s for sure. If it does happen, I’ll help anyway I can. But man, Anderson is so much bigger. A great, great challenge to try to overcome.”