Georges St-Pierre defeats Carlos Condit at UFC 154, unifies welterweight titles

In the build up to the UFC 154 main event, Carlos Condit told media “If you’re looking for a fight that will put the hairs up on the back of your neck, this is going to be that fight.” UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre showed up with the same mentality, and they both delivered. The pair fought for five rounds and had the entire crowd on their feet for most of it.  Georges St-pierre retained his title in the Octagon at UFC 154, but Condit made sure it was no easy task.

In the first two rounds, it was clear that GSP’s knee was as healthy as he was boasting it would be. It looked more than stable, and Condit was looking to test it with low kicks. At the end of the first round, GSP took Condit down, and was working from guard while landing elbows. One of the elbows opened up a cut on the forehead of Condit which lead to lots of blood throughout the fight. St-Pierre used his top game to control Condit on the ground, and although Condit would occasionally scramble to his feet, the pressure from GSP would be too much. The champion would just put him right back on his back.

In the opening minute of the third round,  Condit landed a head kick on GSP that knocked him to the seat of his shorts, and Condit went in for the kill. St. Pierre ate some shots from interim champion, but he was able to recover and get back to his feet. Only to take Condit down again, and work on some ground and pound of his own. This was one of those fights where the scorecards do not reflect how close the fight was. At all points, Condit was a dangerous fighter, and even when he was on his back he was working elbows and punches to mark up GSP.

The last two rounds were like the first two, although Condit was being very aggressive, it was the skill and control of St-Pierre that would win him the fight. Georges St-Pierre unified the two belts, and defended his belt against Carlos Condit, but the two put on the fight of the night in a five round battle. Each fighter walked away with an extra 70 thousand dollars for their hard work in the main event,