Miesha Tate reminds fans women’s MMA didn’t start with Ronda Rousey

There is no doubt Ronda Rousey is currently the face of the women’s mixed martial arts landscape, but Miesha Tate wants to remind everyone that Rousey is enjoying the fruits of many others’ spoils. Rousey has been receiving a lot of credit for giving WMMA a lot of attention, and now that Rousey will most likely end up being the first female fighter in the UFC, Tate is making sure to remind everyone that she didn’t alone. Is Tate just angling for another fight with Rouse? Perhaps, In one of the biggest fights of Strikeforce’s history Tate was finished by Rousey early in the fight, but there is a long history of women fighting mixed martial arts.

Tate told told MMAWeekly,

“It’s not just Ronda, it’s not just myself, that’s for sure. If Ronda’s coming over to the UFC obviously there’s going to be a division around that, it’s not just Ronda. I know Ronda’s getting a lot of the credit and what not, but she didn’t have a lot to do with from the ground up..”

“We’re at the top of the mountain now that’s kind of how I feel anyways, with this accomplishment coming into the UFC, we’ve kind of reached that final goal. But we had to start at the bottom and a lot of the pioneers Tara LaRosa, Marloes Coenen, Molly Helsel, the girls that were really fighting back in the day before we were making any kind of money, or there was any kind of publicity, or much acceptance of it.”

“We were fighting for this, right here, right now. She’s getting a lot of the credit and the limelight, but people who follow the sport understand there was a lot more getting to this point. I hope people can recognize that and give all the women that have worked really hard some credit.”