Nick Diaz hints bad boy behavior may just be an act

Controversial welterweight Nick Diaz is rarely seen smiling, his expression often one of intense focus or set on mean-mugging an opponent. However, based on a recent interview with the UFC’s top contender to Georges St. Pierre’s championship, it sounds like Diaz is grinning from ear-to-ear behind the scenes based on both his success and the public’s reaction to his behavior.

When speaking on the subject of how he’s perceived by fans, the former Strikeforce champion implied his antics are a calculated strategy that’s paid off so far.

“It’s been embarrassing,” Diaz explained in the latest episode of Inside MMA. “You don’t always come off the way you want to or look the way you want to. I had to go out there and act up, become the evil villain…calling guys out and stuff…but it seems to have worked. I’m getting the fights I want. I can’t complain right now at this point.”

Diaz also discussed his upcoming fight with St. Pierre, expected to take place on February 4 over Super Bowl Weekend, making it clear he was ready for whatever the French-Canadian had to throw at him.

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You can watch the entire video below: