Mark Munoz considers MMA to be a metaphor for his life

There’s no question a professional Mixed Martial Artist competing at the highest level possible has to dedicate a tremendous amount of time to his/her craft, spilling countless gallons of sweat onto the mat in preparation for the task at hand. Few fighters know this better than Mark Munoz, a decorated amateur wrestler who wrote another chapter in his successful career this past weekend by beating Chris Leben at UFC 138.

Munoz recently gave fans a glimpse at one of his training sessions leading up to the headlining bout where he also explained how his line of work is similar to his philosophy on life.

“Fighting is a metaphor of life,” said Munoz. “We fight against a lot of other stuff in life. For me, I’m able to train, do what I love, and fight inside the Octagon and that’s a metaphor for what I’m actually trying to achieve in life. I’m trying to be the best fighter I can in the Octagon, and now I’m trying to be the best fighter I can be for my family, for my friends (and) my training partners. I fight for everything I can in my life. I fight for everything I can inside the Octagon. I see the two together. It’s a metaphor of my life.”

Munoz Credits “The Natural” with Setting him on Road to MMA Success

With a win over another established veteran and his eyes on champion Anderson Silva, as long as he keeps grinding, his life only appears to be improving along with the skills he continues to polish inside the gym.

Watch the full video below: