Josh Koscheck wants Carlos Condit on Super Bowl Weekend

When Georges St. Pierre went down a few weeks ago with a knee injury, polarizing pugilist Josh Koscheck volunteered to step up on short notice and face GSP’s scheduled opponent, Carlos Condit. However, Condit opted to sit on the sidelines in hopes he’d still receive his promised title-shot once St. Pierre had recovered.

Now that “Rush” has been booked to face Nick Diaz rather than Condit with an anticipated date of February 4 over Super Bowl Weekend, Koscheck is speaking back up in reference to Condit.

Koscheck Calls out the “Natural Born Killer”

“Just thinking…That dude (Condit) should (have) took the fight with me on a week notice (because) he HAD a chance to make it a close fight…NOW zero chance,” Koscheck Tweeted. “Just for the record, I’ll be ready to fight again by February 4.”

Condit has yet to respond but did mention he wants to fight on the same card as Diaz/GSP.