UFC on FOX 1 Primetime made available for viewing

Though the buzz this past weekend may have surrounded UFC 137 and the epic encounter between Nick Diaz and BJ Penn, another highly-anticipated duo hit the airwaves in the form of heavyweight headliners Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos whose UFC Primetime was shown Sunday on FOX in the midst of NFL action.

Highlighting their journeys thus far leading up to UFC on FOX 1, a November 12 event where Velasquez will put his belt up for grabs against the Brazilian bomber in the promotion’s debut on network television, the special was gripping throughout and is sure to have roped in some casual fans based on its quality.

Velasquez Predicts All-Out War Against “Cigano”

Now, the UFC has released the video in its entirety for fans who may have not had an opportunity to catch it originally or even for those who simply want to see it again.

Watch below and enjoy! You will laugh, you will cry, and you will most certainly be proud to not only be a MMA fan but have Velasquez/Dos Santos representing the sport in less than two weeks…