Shane Carwin: “If he goes for my knee I will knock him out…”

If you’ve even caught a commercial for this season of the The Ultimate Fighter, you probably got the impression that coaches Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin aren’t the best friends. In fact they aren’t chums at all, and according to Carwin, he is looking forward to putting a beating on “Big Country” come December when the two face off inside the Octagon.

“There’s been a lot of animosity between us and I can’t wait to punch the guy in the face,” said Carwin in an interview with Inside MMA.

However, Carwin isn’t one to trash talk, and even when he is engaged in the practice he still knows how to show respect, adding, “Roy and I may be polar opposites in our personalities and things, but he’s a talented fighter.”

Still, Carwin doesn’t appreciate the way Nelson acts in a two-faced manner and plans to punish him as a result, explaining, “Roy is one to talk behind your back a lot or when you’re not there. When I’m there he wants to shake my hand and ask me about UFC contracts. I’m like I don’t even want to talk to you man, get away from me.

“As soon as you’re away, there he is talking about you again or talking behind your back,” he concluded.

Another matter Carwin will be battling over the next couple of weeks has to do with his health rather than a physical opponent, confirming he injured his knee as previously reported and still wasn’t 100% yet.

“Yeah, I mean its bad,” Carwin admitted. “I have some partially torn ligaments and tendons, but I’m pretty positive in my strength and conditioning coach and I have faith in them to get me back to full strength.”

Though telling an opponent about weaknesses isn’t typically seen as a smart thing to do, Carwin isn’t bothered about Nelson knowing the extent of his injury.

“I’ve recently thought a lot about this. I used to never let this stuff get out, but to me now a days it doesn’t really matter to me what they know, because I am going to go out there and fight him,” offered the confident Carwin. “If he goes for my knee I will knock him out then.”

Carwin Would Fight Nelson on the Street if Need Be

The rival heavyweights will headline The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale on December 15 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Also on the card, the last two fighters standing from TUF 16 will face off for the season crown and a six-figure deal with the UFC.