UFC champion Junior dos Santos thinks he could beat boxing great Wladimir Klitschko

It’s been a long-standing belief that a top Mixed Martial Artist could easily defeat the world’s best boxer in a MMA fight with the same being true in reverse were a UFC champion to head over to test himself in the sweet science. However, UFC heavyweight title-holder Junior dos Santos is confident he could prove that statement to be false.

Dos Santos was recently asked for his thoughts on how he might fare against boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko and, rather than give the talented Russian his due, “Cigano” offered up a surprising prediction.

“I could beat that guy, man. Maybe not easy, but I could knock him out,” said Dos Santos in an interview with the Associated Press. “I watch a lot of fights with Wladimir, and I see a lot of holes.”

The 28-year old Dos Santos is seen as one of the best boxers in MMA, blending technique and power unlike many of his peers. He holds a 15-1 record with eleven strike-based stoppages. By comparison, Klitschko – who owns every heavyweight belt of note in boxing – is 58-3 with 51 knockouts.

Regardless of how they might match up, Dos Santos made it clear he has no interest in actually giving boxing a shot, stating, “I love who I am, and I want to stay in MMA. Boxing is going down.”

Dos Santos Aiming for Another KO in his Next Fight

The Brazilian’s next bout is scheduled for December 29 where he will put his gold on the line against Cain Velasquez. Meanwhile, Klitschko is set to scrap on November 10 against Mariusz Wach.