Nick Diaz discusses the differences in fighting BJ Penn and GSP

One of the most controversial fighters in MMA, Nick Diaz is eagerly awaiting his return to the UFC which will take place in a little over 24 hours. Tomorrow night at UFC 137 in Las Vegas, he will face BJJ ace and former double-division UFC champion, BJ Penn. He comes into this fight after having his opponent changed in the last month or so from the long-time welterweight king Georges St. Pierre to the popular Hawaiian after he failed to make a pair of press conferences meant to pump up the pay-per-view.

Known for his private personal life and close knit camp, Diaz is not into ‘playing the game’ as Dana White would say. However, over the last few days, Diaz has been quoted talking about his training and his mental state coming into the fight.

“I’ve just done my best to try not to focus on what’s going on and just try to live every day like it’s not a really a big deal because I don’t know what’s going to happen with me. But it’s not going to make a difference whether or not I whine or cry about it or panic to get things done; I’m just going to do what I always do and train and when it’s time to fight I go fight and that really depends on whether or not I’m ready,” Diaz explained during a conference call with media. “And that’s really about me, it’s not about whatever’s going on in the world or whatever, who I’m fighting, who I’m not fighting. I’m not really going to have a choice on that, my job is to fight, so I have to fight when I’m told to fight and that’s why I do what I do, and that’s what I do well.”

Diaz also compared his past and present opponents, explaining what he sees as the difference between the two fighters.

“This fight is a completely different fight (than the GSP one). And I think BJ’s a lot better fighter to be honest with you. On the technical standpoint, he’s got much better jiu-jitsu, boxing, and even on a technical level, I wouldn’t count him out.”

The outspoken Californian made sure to comment on the fact that he is training hard for his long-awaited return to the UFC ranks, saying, “I’ve been there putting in 100%. I always said that’s what’s important. You’ve got people that want to see fights, they want to see good fights, they want to see a good fighter and that’s what I’m trying to bring to the table.”

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Diaz will hope to have a successful first outing in the main event of UFC 137 on Saturday night, in Las Vegas, and will hope to get back into the title hunt by beating Penn.