Martin Kampmann UFC 139 Blog: Avoiding Scorecards, Supporting Teammates

This is my second blog for where I’m keeping fans updated on the road to November 19 when I fight Rick Story in San Jose at UFC 139. Like each entry, I’ll tell a little bit about how my preparation for the bout is going and share whatever else is on my mind.

Training camp is going well. I was out for a couple of days with the flu though it’s better to get a little sick now than get it right before the fight. I have been training my butt off lately and now I’m really starting to get in great shape! I’m doing kickboxing with Ray Sefo in the mornings three days a week and I’m starting to feel sharp. I haven’t been very lucky with the decisions in my last fights so this time I’m not looking to go the distance. Knockout or submission, either way I’m coming in to finish the fight because I’m tired of judges giving me the short end of the stick.

We have other guys in the gym preparing for fights as well. Jay Hieron and Tyson Griffin are fighting this weekend. Brad Tavares was fighting too but unfortunately he got injured. It sucks to get hurt that close to a fight and having to pull out, but it is part of the game when you train hard. He will heal up and get a new one lined up soon no doubt.

Tyson is fighting at UFC 137 this weekend and he is looking great! I’m gonna go see that fight live at Mandalay Bay. As I’m sure you might understand it is always more fun to go to the fights when my friends and training partners fighting. His opponent, Bart Palaszewski, is very tough, but I believe Tyson is the better fighter and he should be able to get the win.

There have been a lot of change ups to that fight card. It’s definitely too bad Georges St. Pierre got injured because I was looking forward to his fight! Now BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz is main event and I think that should also make for a great fight. I’m rooting for BJ here but I’m worried Diaz might take it. Penn’s cardio has always looked better at 155 in my opinion and Diaz has a good size advantage, plus always comes in great shape with a relentless pace. Still, I’m hoping BJ pulls it off. He can definitely do it!

Jay is fighting Ben Askren in Bellator for the welterweight title. This one I’m really looking forward to! Ben is undefeated in MMA and a phenomenal Olympic level wrestler. So far the fights I’ve seen him in, he’s been able to make it a wrestling match and dominate. He is also a bad ass in Disc Golf! I played disc golf with him and Alan Belcher when I was in Oklahoma to corner Jay for his semifinal match of Bellator’s Season 4 tournament. It was fun but it is gonna be a long time before I can make a career out of that so I think I’ll stick with fighting.

Jay is one of my main training partners at the gym and we work with each other all the time. Jay’s a great wrestler and I think he is really the worst possible opponent for Askren. His takedown defense is incredible and he is fast and accurate with his punches. Askren will have a very hard time to get him down or keep him there, and on the feet Jay should be able to pick his shots and hurt him. Jay has been looking really sharp in training and I look forward to watching him take the belt home on Saturday.

Now I just gotta figure out how to watch both fights when they are going on at the same time. I wish Bellator was on Fridays!

That’s it for now. Until the next blog you can keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter (@MartinKampmann).