Josh Koscheck says he wants to fight Carlos Condit at UFC 137

Polarizing pugilist Josh Koscheck is quickly shedding his “bad boy” persona for that of “problem solver” after going online to once again volunteer his services in hopes of replacing an injured peer at the last minute.

The 33-year old’s latest plea came as the result of welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s removal from an October 29 show after spraining his knee while training for opponent Carlos Condit. While Condit ultimately decided to sit the show out as well and wait for his title-shot, the top contender’s decision didn’t prevent Koscheck from letting it be known that he would have filled in at UFC 137 had he been given the chance.

Koscheck took to Twitter where he, after asking Dana White if “duty” had called again, was turned down based on Condit’s refusal to risk his crack at GSP’s championship.

“That sucks (Dana) but you’re the boss….Now what?? I just get to sit around and play with my ding dong? I need more excitement in my life,” Koscheck humorously replied. “Some things (are) out of your control but you can put it out there. Hoping the other guy MANs up and (doesn’t) let (Dana) save him from an asskicking!”

The circumstances are similar to those surrounding a September scrap with Matt Hughes where Koscheck agreed to the match-up on short notice after Diego Sanchez broke his hand while training for the fight. The American Kickboxing Academy staple went on to knock Hughes out in the final seconds of the bout’s opening round.

Koscheck Comes Away with Knockout of the Night Honors at UFC 135

The curly-coiffed Koscheck is 16-5 in his career with ten stoppages and past victories over some solid opposition including Sanchez, Anthony Johnson, Chris Lytle, and Paul Daley.