Joe Lauzon open to idea of fight with Anthony Pettis but not asking for it

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon has never been the most outspoken fighter unless the topic somehow relates to Call of Duty. However, when it comes to calling opponents out, Lauzon lets his skills in the Octagon do the talking for him rather than use media outlets to get his point across.

The latest individual to take the opposite route, mentioning Lauzon’s name as a person of interest, is Anthony Pettis. The former WEC champion discussed a potential fight with “J-Lau” in a recent interview given their mutual success earlier this month at UFC 136.

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Lauzon has since responded to the challenge, expressing his belief the two would make for an exciting fight but that he isn’t in the habit of choosing his opponents.

“I think it would be an exciting fight. It doesn’t matter to me who I fight. Whoever the UFC says they want me to fight, I’ll fight,” the Massachusetts native explained in an interview with The Boston Herald. “If they want it to be Anthony Pettis, I’ll fight Pettis.”

“I’m not sure why people are calling me out, but I’m fine with it,” Lauzon continued. “I have to be doing something right if everybody wants to fight me. I definitely don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s awesome getting called out by guys like that, that are doing really well.”

“I think a lot of people are definitely paying more attention now,” the 27-year old concluded on his raised profile. “But I don’t really get caught up in what people think because two weeks ago everybody thought I was going to get knocked out. So I don’t really worry about it too much.”