Matt Mitrione: “I’m going to give a wonderful performance.”

With the amount of buzz surrounding the evening’s premier pairings, an excellent bout between on-the-cusp contenders Matt Mitrione and Cheick Kongo has been lost in the UFC 137 shuffle where hype is concerned. However, that hasn’t kept either man from preparing to be at their best come showtime on October 29, a point the undefeated Mitrione recently drove home.

At 5-0 with all five of his wins coming inside the Octagon, Mitrione understands the impact a victory over an accomplished veteran like Kongo could have on his future and has made sure to take all the steps he feels are necessary to exit the arena with a “W” in tow.

“I’ve put in so much work. I’m ready, I’m excited, I’m not overtrained. I feel l’m ready to go. I’m going to give a wonderful performance,” Mitrione explained in a conversation with The MMA Hour. “If Cheick wins, damn good job but I really feel I’m going to give a hell of a run for it.”

Despite Record Mitrione Out for Job Security at UFC 137

“I promise you I’m ready to scrap…I feel like I am a very, very dangerous human being right now,” he continued while citing the assistance of training partners including former UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans, a man who was also his coach on the Ultimate Fighter Season 10.

Putting an exclamation point on how ready and able he feels, “Meathead” made it clear he’ll be ready for anything Kongo has to offer.

“Whether it’s up against the fence, on the floor, up on top of the cage, underneath the cage, I feel wherever the hell it’s going to go, I’m going to be there ready to scrap. I feel that Coach Neil (Mealnson) put so much time and energy in me that if Kongo can get it to the ground, he won’t want to keep it there. If he does, I’ll tap him. I promise, I’ll tap him or I’ll break something, but I’ll get something done.”

Mitrione and Kongo’s thrilling throwdown can be seen as part of the UFC 137 PPV featuring Georges St. Pierre’s title-defense against Carlos Condit at the top with Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn comprising the co-headlining slot.