Roy Nelson resolved to have additional drug testing implemented before clash with Shane Carwin

Though he’s never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs before, UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin has been linked to the possibility based on his name having come up in connection with an investigation into a company distributing anabolic steroids not to mention his hulking physique and never-ending string of injury issues. One of his biggest detractors on the matter has been fellow fighter Roy Nelson who Carwin is currently facing off against as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter 16.

As a means of eliminating any doubt surrounding what is or isn’t in Carwin’s system, Nelson has called for the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association to get involved before the lock horns on December 15 at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale. Nelson reiterated his stance in a recent conversation with media members promoting TUF’s current season, taking the opportunity to poke fun at Carwin as well.

“He’s going to settle his beef with me and I’m gonna squash the juice with him,” said Nelson of his upcoming bout with Carwin.

Carwin Hates Nelson on a Personal Level

MMAFighting was on hand and able to record Nelson’s remarks.

Nelson later elaborated that his desire to implement increased drug testing isn’t just for his own benefit but that of Mixed Martial Arts as a whole.

“I think all fighters should do it,” Nelson stated. “I’m just looking to just make sure that whoever I fight from now on, has to be on the same playing field. You’re gonna have to be the man that’s the better fighter that beats me, not because you’re stickin’ it in your ass.”

While “Big Country” once took pride in his ability to defeat foes who he felt were using PEDs, as a husband and father he’s started to see the light in terms of why equality is important considering the stakes involved.

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world and now that my wife is pregnant…you’re taking money from my kid. Now it’s a business aspect and I just want everyone to be level,” Nelson concluded on the topic. “Either I can juice, or you can make everybody not juice. It’s either one or the other. I don’t care really which it is. I just need to know what the rules are so I can play by the rules and make everybody level.”

Carwin’s camp has come out on record to oppose to the idea of VADA playing any role in the December rumble, labeling the organization as being bullies rather than a “valid independent regulatory body.”