Michael Bisping says Chael Sonnen blew his chance, wants Anderson Silva next

Michael Bisping is tired of hearing people talk about Chael Sonnen being in line for a crack at UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva after losing cleanly to “The Spider” a year ago and only fighting a single time since. He’s also ready to fill the contendership vacancy Sonnen’s removal from the picture would create, that is of course assuming he gets by Jason Miller on December 3 at the Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Finale.

A former Ultimate Fighter winner himself, Bisping spoke bluntly on the subject in a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine where he provided an explanation for his rationale regarding Sonnen’s status and his own claim to a title-shot.

“Sonnen had his chance, put on a great performance but lost,” said 32-year old. “Got tapped out, got finished, and then after that he failed a steroids test. As far as I can see he had his chance and he blew it.”

Bisping Says Sonnen Getting a  Silva Rematch Would Be Complete BS

“I feel I deserve a shot,” Bisping continued. “I have got to beat Miller, he is tough, I am not looking past him. (But) it’s me – I’m the contender. Vitor Belfort has just been beat, Yushin Okami has just been beat, Sonnen got beat…what are they going to do, are they all going to keep beating each other up and then having another shot at him?”

“So yeah if I get my shot… listen, it’s easier said than done,” he admitted. “You can sit here and say ‘You’ve got to do this against Anderson’ (but) getting in the cage and doing it to him is a completely different kettle of fish. (However), I feel I have earned the right to have my shot.”

With an overall record of 21-3, including seventeen stoppages, a potential four-fight winning streak with a successful showing against Miller, and past wins over Yoshihiro Akiyama, Dan Miller, and Chris Leben, “The Count” could be onto something.