Georges St. Pierre sees Carlos Condit as extremely problematic opponent

When Carlos Condit was named as a replacement for Nick Diaz in a headlining title-fight against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137 it may have initially felt like a step down in competition for the welterweight champion given the hype surround Diaz. However, according to the one opinion mattering most in the equation – St. Pierre’s – Condit is far from being a lesser opponent.

In fact, GSP feels he may be the toughest adversary he’s faced off against to date.

St. Pierre recently offered up his thoughts on “The Natural Born Killer” in a promotional video for the event where he explained Condit’s polished attack is the best he’s encountered.

“I believe Carlos poses more problems for me than I’ve ever seen,” said St. Pierre. “I have to deal with a guy who has knockout power, a very technical striker and great ground game as well – an unpredictable fighter.”

Considering Condit has finished 26 of the 27 fighters he’s beaten with an even split between TKOs/submissions it’s hard to argue against the French-Candian’s assessment, especially when looking at the number of “specialists” St. Pierre has faced over his seven-plus year career in the UFC.

You can watch the entire GSP interview clip below: