Anderson Silva admits he regrets behavior in Demian Maia match-up

It may be hard to believe for fans newer to the sport of MMA, but two years ago Anderson Silva was on the brink of being cut by the UFC. That may sound strange when considering Silva remains undefeated in the Octagon and has long been considered the best fighter in MMA, yet it remains a true statement.

Rather than based on performance, Silva’s sketchy status was the result of his behavior in a 2010 meeting with Demian Maia. Maia was outclassed from start to finish by Silva, yet rather than go in for the kill, “The Spider” opted to toy with Maia and mock his inferiority in the ring. After the fight, UFC President Dana White was as angry as he’d ever been prior (or since), threatening Silva with termination if he were to ever repeat his actions.

Silva was recently asked to look back on his career and during the conversation the dynamic Brazilian admitted regret in regards to the way he behaved against Maia.

“I think that was the only time in my life I had a misconduct. We must always be changing with these attitudes. It’s a sport children, older people and younger [people] attend. For that we can earn respect and more fans, have to have that awareness,” explained Silva in a conversation with TATAME.

Now, with a string of impressive wins behind him, the dynamic Brazilian champion has cemented his legacy as an all-time great and perhaps the most popular fighter on the roster (certainly the most well-paid). Still, as he’s revealed, even Silva has a few flaws.

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Ironically, he and Maia both fight tonight at UFC 153 where Silva faces Stephan Bonnar and the latter rumbles with Rick Story.