Nam Phan open to, but not interested in, third fight with Leonard Garcia

After two memorable encounters featuring a pair of hard-fought decisions and “Fight of the Night” honors at UFC 136 there has already been discussion on whether or not Nam Phan and Leonard Garcia should get it on for a third time to finally settle the score.

However, one of the people you aren’t likely to hear lobbying for a trilogy to take place is Phan who would likely be 2-0 against Garcia had the judges done their jobs properly at the Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale when they originally faced off.

The 28-year old Californian addressed rumblings of a rubber-match in a post-event press conference Saturday night where he explained he was ready to move on to a new opponent.

“I felt like I won the first fight and I did my best to try to finish this fight,” said Phan when asked about fighting Garcia again. “All credit to Leonard (because) he’s a real tough guy. He’s very difficult to finish (but) I’d like to put this rivalry between me and Leonard behind us.”

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However, ever the company man, Phan said the decision was ultimately up to his bosses and he’d do what was asked of him, adding, “But, if the UFC wants to make a third fight, I’m all for it.”

Though 17-9 overall, the outpointing of Garcia marked Phan’s first win inside the Octagon with the controversial decision loss to “Bad Boy” from a year ago and a more definitive defeat to Mike Brown a few months ago at UFC 133.