Injury-related layoff has given Georges St-Pierre a new approach to fighting

Even though UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre wasn’t able to hit the gym as hard as he would have preferred during the year-plus he was out of action for health-related reasons, it doesn’t mean the fan-favorite didn’t take advantage of the time to refine his game in other areas. Specifically, it seems GSP has changed his mentality when it comes to both training and competition inside the cage.

According to St-Pierre, he has eliminated much of the pressure he once felt to finish his foes and won’t be overexerting himself any longer in hopes the reduced effort will actually produce MORE stoppages.

St-Pierre Admits Ring Rust Could Be a Factor in Next Fight

“I’m perfectly healthy right now, and I love it. (Before the injury) I had a lot of pressure and I over-trained. I think that was the main thing. I fixed all that, and I feel like I was reborn and I have the fire again,” said St-Pierre in an interview with MMAJunkie. “My last fight with Jake Shields is a good example. I tried too much for the knockout with the big right hand. I tried to overcome it and got poked in the eye, and I had a lack of patience. A knockout comes when you don’t expect it to come.”

St-Pierre hasn’t put an adversary away in a bout’s allotted time limit since 2008. Conversely, his next opponent – Carlos Condit – hasn’t suffered a TKO/submission in more than six years, making for a true challenge in terms of “Rush” notching victory before scorecards come into play. Of course, as St-Pierre has proven in the past, he can never be underestimated given the overwhelming skill and athleticism he possesses.

Condit’s clash with St-Pierre is scheduled for November 17 and UFC 154.