Stephan Bonnar: “No one’s giving me a chance and I kind of like it that way.”

For a guy on the cusp of fighting perhaps the finest Mixed Martial Artist to ever grace the ring, UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar sure seems relaxed. Bonnar recently joked around about the October 13 match-up on a segment for UFC Tonight and has remained extremely loose in all of his media appearances since the scrap was initially announced.

As it turns out, Bonnar is enjoying the lack of expectations being put on him going into the fight. Unlike past outings, Bonnar is a massive underdog in his showdown with Anderson Silva and knows he will either lose, as most feel he will, or he’ll shock the world by pulling off perhaps the biggest upset in MMA history.

“The odds are stacked against and no one’s giving me a chance and I kind of like it that way. It’s no pressure on me,” said Bonnar in an interview with MMAFightCorner. “I just know what I can do. I’m not the type that’s always fixed on outcomes. I’m more of the type that asks God to give me the strength to do my absolute best in there. I mean look at every fight I’ve ever had, always had, I’ve been hit with lots of big shots, but I get up and keep coming.”

“It’s a defining moment of my whole life,” the affable Ultimate Fighter finalist continued. “This is like the culmination of it all. I really think it’s all meant to be, it’s perfect it really is. It feels like all the stars are aligning just like it did on that magical night for the UFC back when I fought Forrest Griffin for the first time. I could shock the world.”

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Bonnar and Silva will serve as headliners at UFC 153. The fight will be the first for Silva at 205 pounds since stomping Griffin in 2009, while Bonnar has picked up wins in his last three tilts but hasn’t competed in nearly a year.