Quinton Jackson praises Jon Jones for courage to turn down Chael Sonnen fight

After UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones declined to fight Chael Sonnen on short notice at UFC 151 in a move ultimately acting as a catalyst for the promotion to cancel the show entirely, countless fans and fighters spoke out to criticize the champion’s decision, questioning both his courage or sense of loyalty. However, while Quinton Jackson may have a number of problems with “Bones” on a personal level, the 25-year old’s behavior in relation to UFC 151 is not among them.

In Jackson’s opinion, Jones not only had a lot to lose in a bout with Sonnen but approved of the title-holder’s willingness to do what was right for him rather than for others.

“A lot of fighters are sheep too,” responded Jackson in an interview with MMAFighting when asked about the number of Mixed Martial Artists jumping on the “Jon Jones Sucks” bandwagon. “You can’t blame the cancellation on Jon Jones. You know how much I don’t like Jon Jones? You can’t blame that cancellation on him.”

Jackson also explained Jones had little reason to risk his reputation in the situation with Sonnen being both a tough opponent as well as one whose skills in the cage pale in comparison to his ability to talk in front of a microphone.

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“Who wants to fight Chael Sonnen, someone who is just gonna come and wrestle you,” Jackson asked rhetorically. “The guy has got a great mouth. I’m pretty sure his girlfriend and his boyfriend like his mouth. But the guy is a boring ass fighter and (Jones) has got the belt.”