One FC’s Eddie Ng ready to shine in 2012

Eddie Ng burst onto the Asian scene with a bang with a spectacular one punch knock out win at ONE Fighting Championship 1. It has been a roller coaster ride for the Cantonese fighter who was living and training in England until he was recruited by Evolve MMA and promptly offered a contract with Asia’s most ambitious MMA promotion.

Ng was training alongside the likes of Shinya Aoki and Gregor Gracie in preparation for his fight with Yuan Chuan Bo but despite his perfect preparation he almost got caught in a surprisingly slick Armbar attempt by the Chinese fighter.

“I was surprised when he went for the Armbar but he was slightly too low on the arm so my elbow was practically out as he went for it but it did catch me off guard. I was going to work my way past the guard slowly using a methodical Jiu-Jitsu game and when he crawled the legs up for the Armbar I thought ‘Hes not going to do that,’ because he’s a Sanda guy and the next thing I knew I was in an Armbar attempt but I’ve been in that situation so many times in training that I knew what I had to do so I didn’t panic,” he said.

The 25 year old, who is originally from Hong Kong but grew up in England, was able to power his way out and then land a couple of devastating punches which knocked Yuan out cold, to the amazement of everyone watching,

“Shinya has taught me a lot about top position for MMA, we were actually working the EXACT same scenario in the pre-fight as to how the fight ended! Afterwards we laughed and joked about how perfect the pre fight was. That’s the first knock out finish I’ve ever had.”

All of Ng’s previous fights have taken place in conference centres or clubs in England and he has never fought in front of a crowd like the one at the sold out Singapore Indoor Stadium before. He claims it wasn’t until after he had won his fight that he began to realize that 7,000 people had been watching,

“I had a job to perform on that night and I was too focused on it to let anything affect or distract me. It wasn’t until after my fight when I walked out to watch my team mate Zoro‘s fight where I thought ‘WTF there are A LOT of people here!’ I was scanning the stadium from left to right for about five minutes thinking about where and how all these people turned up because I didn’t notice them earlier!”

ONE Fighting Championship’s first show was extremely successful and the promotion is planning on putting on events all over Asia in the coming months and years, including in Ng’s hometown of Hong Kong.

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After his victory at the inaugural show Ng appears to be an integral part of the organization’s plans and will continue to compete in the increasingly competitive lightweight division,

“In the past I have fought at 170 lbs but 155lbs is my goal for the future. I wasn’t quite sure how my body would cope with the change in training, climate, food etc and with so many new factors that I had to take into account, I didn’t want my weight to be an issue which is why this fight was at 160 lbs. I will be fighting for One FC again and I have spoken to Victor Cui about the possibility of fighting on a One FC show in Hong Kong. That would be an absolute honor.”

He feels that training at Evolve MMA has helped him to take his game to a completely different level and has been learning trade secrets from some of the best MMA fighters and grapplers in the world.

“The training at Evolve has been absolutely unreal. Altogether, the world champion trainers literally have a lifetime worth of knowledge and experience between them. I’m able to share this knowledge and learn from their experiences every single day and it’s the reason that I feel as though I am growing as a fighter, a martial artist and as a person every day. Working with the likes of Shinya, Renzo Gracie, and Gregor (Gracie) has been an amazing experience. They know what works at an elite level and they are happy to share information which many would keep “hush hush” and that shows what type of human beings they are.”

Ng was one of six Evolve MMA fighters on the card at One FC 1 and there has been a lot of intrigue about this state of the art facility in Singapore which is home to the likes of DREAM lightweight champion Aoki and UFC contender Rafael Dos Anjos as well as an entire team of champions from the world of Muay Thai and BJJ.

Almost all of the Evolve MMA fighters are also full time employees who train all year round and Ng talks us through a typical day for the fight team,

“An average day consists of a morning workout which focuses on MMA cage work, MMA sparring, positional work, strength and conditioning. An afternoon workout follows where we do a one on one session with a Muay Thai world champion instructor. Several times a week, a third evening workout of the day occurs where we are able to brush up on the weaker areas of our game.”

Hong Kong, Macau, and Shanghai are on the OneFC destination list and Ng is set to be one of the superstars of this new promotion which is rapidly becoming Asia’s answer to the UFC. With a ground game which is reportedly world class and rapidly improving stand up skills he looks to be an early contender for the lightweight title when it is eventually introduced.

His Cantonese heritage and undeniable fighting ability made him an obvious addition to the One FC roster and Ng has already started to develop a Chinese fan base. He is happy to have so many Asian fans but has a message for them,

“People keep coming up to me and trying to talk to me in Mandarin but I only speak Cantonese! My message to my Chinese fans is that I hope I can do everyone proud and show that there are Chinese fighters that can perform at the highest levels.”

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PHOTO CREDIT – Shafudin Jaya