Chuck Liddell thinks education is the key to fixing MMA officiating

A genuine icon of the Octagon, Chuck Liddell has kept active since retiring last year after being knocked out in the closing seconds of a fight against Rich Franklin he would have likely won had it continued. Not only has Liddell continued to pursue opportunities in the acting world but he’s kept a close eye on the day-to-day operations of the UFC as the company’s Vice President of Business Development.

While specifics of his job have never been made available, a few things Liddell recently weighed-in on relating to the organization was the state of officiating and the UFC’s upcoming debut on network television.

A Look Back at Liddell’s Storied Career

“There are so many different ways to wins, so many different ways to do things…the way people are gonna see a fight (is different), but (it takes) education. You’ve got to educate the referees and the judges. Hopefully they do their homework and get better and better and don’t just sit out there and decide who is gonna win,” Liddell said to a group of reporters in a video from MMAFighting.

As far as the November 12 UFC on FOX show, Liddell expressed clear excitement about the company he’s called home for a decade finally making it onto a network.

“I think the FOX deal is great. It’s the next step for the sport. I’m very excited about it for all the guys,” Liddell explained before mentioning he wished it had happened a bit earlier for personal reasons. “Of course, I wish I was still in my prime and fighting, but I still love the sport and I love seeing it grow to this point.”

In terms of coming back for one more match-up in the infamous eight-sided cage, Liddell ruled the possibility out as much as he might yearn to mix it up in the ring again.

“I still want to fight. I still like fighting. But my reasons for my retirement stay the same and there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m happy doing what I’m doing promoting the sport…hopefully growing the sport I love.”

Liddell retired from MMA after suffering a trio of consecutive knockout losses. However, for years he was one of the sport’s most dominant fighters, rendering a number of respected peers into goo with his precise, powerful striking. Among the twenty-one opponents Liddell has beaten are Wanderlei Silva, Renato Sobral, Tito Ortiz, and Randy Couture.