Chael Sonnen guarantees knockout win for Brian Stann at UFC 152

UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen knows a thing or two about the two talented middleweights set to scrap this weekend at UFC 152, having faced both Michael Bisping and Brian Stann in the past year. However, when asked to make a pick in the upcoming bout it seems the former title-contender has Stann emerging with his hand raised even though Bisping offered Sonnen a much stiffer test when they locked horns last January.

“This is a main event fight anywhere in the world; let me start by saying that. This is a A-list main event on any card anywhere,” began Sonnen in an interview with the UFC. “And secondly, this is a fight that Bisping isn’t used to. Brian Stann is not afraid to strike with him and has a lot more power than Michael has. You don’t have to be an avid fan to realize the fact Stann hits a lot harder than Bisping.”

“And that isn’t a knock on Mike. He hits plenty hard,” continued Sonnen. “He hurt me bad in our first round with a right hand and I looked at him thinking ‘You have no idea how bad you just hurt me’.”

“But I come back to this: Stann is a plant your feet and throw bombs kinda guy. And I think 15 minutes is a long time for Bisping to avoid those bombs,” Sonnen concluded. “I’m not one of those guys who is going to say ‘Bisping should win – but IF Stann lands it is over’. I am the guy saying ‘Stann WILL land a bomb and he will win this fight by KO’. He will find the shot 100%.”

Bisping Breaks Down the Middleweight Division

The 22-4 Bisping has only been stopped with strikes a single time in his career with the loss coming against Dan Henderson more than three years ago. Stann boasts a similar stat, having suffered a TKO to Steve Cantwell in 2008 without a knockout since.