Mark Munoz denies initial report stating he will miss a ton of time with foot injury

It’s not uncommon for Mixed Martial Artists to shoot down rumors relating to their lives when the information is sketchy or blatantly false. However, it’s extremely rare to see a fighter shrug off a story when he himself is the source as was recently the case with UFC middleweight Mark Munoz.

Munoz has come out to deny a foot injury he suffered prior to his last bout would keep him sidelined for an extended period of time as had been reported. Of course, Munoz also happens to be the very individual initially revealing his condition and expected absence from the ring.

Munoz Says Latest Loss Was the Result of Bad Timing

“That’s inaccurate, it’s inaccurate,” stated Munoz to MMAJunkie of the prognosis. “I was just talking to somebody inside my gym as he came in and was just hanging out, and unfortunately, he posted something on the Internet, and it just caught on like wildfire.”

“I’m not out a year. I’m actually trying to get back to training and everything soon,” he added, saying he hopes to resume training in the next few weeks.

Interestingly enough, in a taped conversation with Fight Hub TV earlier this month, Munoz stated, “I am not sure if (my foot) is broken. I will be getting an official MRI and I will know. I just hope they do not have to break it in order for it to heal properly,” explaining he was under the impression it would be mid-2013 before he was cleared to return to the ring. Fight Hub TV has since removed the article from their website.

Regardless of the accuracy of his statements or the context of the original report, on the bright side it appears Munoz will be back in action sooner than expected. The 12-3 power-punching grappler is coming off a knockout loss to Chris Weidman but had won four in a row prior to the stumble.