Brian Stann out to prove he’s more than a brawler against Michael Bisping

UFC middleweight Brian Stann’s reputation is that of a man with tremendous heart, a solid chin, and knockout power. What he’s not known for, however, is a polished skill-set.

The 12-4 Stann has won nine of his fights by way of a strike-based stoppage, picking up the first (and only) submission of his career in 2010 while being tapped out twice himself since turning pro. Still, when Stann takes to the Octagon this weekend at UFC 152 to mix it up with Michael Bisping he plans to show the world he’s more than a one-punch pony.

“I expect a good tough fight. He trains hard, he’s professional. I train hard. So, I think with a couple of the fights that got moved from UFC 151 over, I think it’s become a really stacked card. I think it’s going to be a good opportunity to get a good victory and have a lot of people watching the fight,” began Stann in an interview with MMAFightCorner.

Stann knows some of the criticism about his overall ability stems from a submission loss to Chael Sonnen last October, the former Marine’s only defeat at 185 pounds. Though Stann didn’t deny he was outclassed in the effort, he was quick to point out Sonnen’s own success as well as the period of time that’s passed since their fight.

“Chael makes a lot of people look bad on the ground. If you watch all of his fights – Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt, Anderson Silva – he has the ability to make a lot of people look bad,” Stann stated. “I didn’t look so hot against him in some areas and you know, it is what it is. Since then, I’ve gone to train with him several times and that fight will almost have been a year ago and I’ve made a lot of improvements there.”

Stann: “I Want to be World Champion. Period.”

In the end, Stann also knows talk is cheap and there’s only one way he can demonstrate his evolving game as at a new level.

“It’s up to me to show the fans that I’m a well-rounded fighter, not tell them I’m a well rounded fighter. And I plan to do that come September 22,” the 31-year old concluded.