Brian Stann: “It is not going to end well for Michael Bisping.”

If UFC middleweight Brian Stann has one thing working for him entering a September 22 bout with Michael Bisping at UFC 152, other than his knockout power and heart of course, it’s the apparent lack of respect the brash Brit has for his skills. Bisping has been extremely outspoken on the matter, giving Stann little chance in their fight and possibly overlooking him in the process.

However, Stann hasn’t been fazed by his foe’s running commentary, understanding the root of it rather than be drawn in by Bisping’s bait.

“Mike is very intelligent, very quick and he knows exactly what he’s doing when he says these things,” stated Stann in an interview with the UFC. “If you look at the guys in major sports who all earn life-altering money, they are almost all loud and talk a little trash. It is all part of Mike’s routine and – great. It doesn’t affect me at all and one of the reasons I wanted to fight him is because beating Michael Bisping means something. It means something because when he fights, people care because he has this way of talking fights up.”

Bisping Says Stann is “Going to Get His Arse Kicked”

As far as the actual match-up, Stann admitted he understood the impact the tilt would have where title-contendership is concerned and made it clear he plans to make a statement come showtime.

“This is a huge fight for the 185lbs division,” began Stann before adding, “It is not going to end well for him. He’s been at this longer than I have, but he has his weaknesses and I think when I land on his chin it will be the beginning of a very bad night for him.”

Stann holds an overall record of 12-4 including nine strike-based stoppages, while Bisping is 22-4 with fourteen TKO finishes to his credit. The winner of the bout is expected to receive consideration for a crack at champion Anderson Silva if the result comes in highlight-reel fashion.