Dana White: “Every other sport has instant replay. Fighting needs to too…”

There has never been any shortage of bad calls in the sporting world no matter what athletic endeavor one examines. Human error has been and always will be a part of any activity where people are expected to make split-second judgments on events taking place in real time. However, most major sports also have something else in common – instant replay.

Unfortunately, MMA has not adopted the same system, relying on referees to do things right and covering them when they do something wrong. UFC President Dana White is apparently sick of it and is speaking out on the need for change.

“Every other sport has instant replay. Fighting needs to too, especially with how bad the officiating has been – judges and reffing,” ranted White on this week’s episode of Inside MMA. “They got this thing with combat sports, these athletic commissions have this thing where it’s like, once a guy makes a decision it can’t be overturned. It’s insane! It’s insane!!!”

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White’s fervor relates to the finality of fighting and the fact its participants have a limited number of years to fight, putting their bodies on the line every single day .

“Instant replay makes sense and instant replay would be awesome because…once you make a decision and it’s a bad call you affect this guy’s life forever,” said White.

Check out the full interview with White below: