Mo Lawal interested in UFC vs. Strikeforce showdown, then merger

Muhammed Lawal made his triumphant return to the cage last night at “Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov” after an extended absence due to injury, avoiding the submission expertise of opponent Roger Gracie long enough to knock the formerly undefeated grappler out cold with less than thirty seconds remaining in the opening round.

As far what’s next for “King Mo”, rather than look at a rematch with Rafael Cavalcante or opportunity to re-claim the company’s light heavyweight belt, Lawal has a different idea in mind.

“Maybe, hopefully, they’d have a UFC vs. Strikeforce event,” the former champ explained to MMAFighting in a post-fight conversation before adding, “…and then make it all just be UFC, how about that?”

Lawal was candid in his assessment of Strikeforce’s future when asked if deep down he really just wanted to jump ship and sign with the UFC a la Nick Diaz, Cung Le, and Alistair Overeem.

“I want to go where everybody’s going to and it seems everybody is going to the UFC,” the decorated amateur wrestler continued before asking the camera to pan around to show a lackluster backstage showing and commenting, “Ain’t nobody here. Ain’t nobody here, dog.”

“If you ain’t here, you know it’s weak,” Lawal frankly stated to interviewer Ariel Helwani in reference to an earlier press conference the media member hadn’t been at. The pointed remarks come on the heels of a number of other critical assessments of the outlook for the organization he currently calls home.

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The 30-year old Lawal improved his record to 8-1 with the win over Gracie and also holds past victories over Mike Whitehead, Travis Wiuff, and Gegard Mousasi.