Jon Jones half-heartedly accepts blame for UFC 151 cancellation

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has finally admitted he is responsible for the cancellation of UFC 151…sort of.

Jones, who turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen when it was revealed top contender Dan Henderson would be unable to compete due to a knee injury, took to Twitter over the weekend and said he was willing to shoulder the blame for the card being axed. However, rather than fully embrace his role in the controversy, Jones also made it clear he was not the one who pulled the proverbial plug.

“Carrying the cross for my company’s decision. If someone has to take the blame, I will accept full responsibility for the way UFC 151 was canceled,” wrote Jones on the social networking outlet. “I want to sincerely apologize to all the other athletes/fans whose time and money was wasted. I feel terrible about the way that was handled.”

“Bones” Gives His Side of the Story Regarding UFC 151 Situation

Though Jones may have owned up to an extent, the 25-year old’s decision to point his finger at the UFC is sure to anger countless fans who hold him completely accountable for the show being scrapped.