Chael Sonnen: “When the day comes that I won’t fight somebody, I won’t fight anybody.”

When Chael Sonnen received a phone call this week from UFC President Dana White offering him an opportunity to face light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on September 1 the silver-tongued scrapper agreed to it without hesitation. Though Sonnen would have entered the bout as a serious underdog given his smaller size and lack of preparation time, the 35-year old was still open to the idea and has now explained why.

According to Sonnen, he has never backed down from a confrontation and never will so long as he plans to continue competing inside the cage.

Sonnen Blasts Jones in ESPN Interview

“The only litmus test I have for myself—am I willing to fight anybody? When the day comes that I won’t fight somebody, I won’t fight anybody. If there is someone out there that makes me go ‘I’m not fighting him,’ then I’m not going to fight anyone anymore,” explained Sonnen in an interview with Bleacher Report. “That’s what bullies do. Bullies pick and choose who they get in fights with based on who they think they can beat. I will never, ever do that. When the day comes that I back down, I will quit this sport.”

Jones has since been booked against Vitor Belfort on September 22 while Sonnen is still attached to a match-up with Forrest Griffin in late December.