Lyoto Machida’s team addresses Jon Jones’ comments about fighter’s drawing power

When UFC light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones was recently asked about the prospect of possibly fighting Lyoto Machida a second time, as will be the case if “Bones” gets by Dan Henderson at UFC 151, the 25-year old champion showed minimal interest in the match-up rather than excitement about taking one of the division’s toughest tests a second time. According to Jones, his main source of opposition to the pairing has to do with the low PPV numbers his December dance with Machida drew and the negative impact in had on his income.

Machida’s camp has since responded to the matter, pointing out some key figures while expressing their disappointment in Jones’ attitude.

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In a rare bit of online news from UFC Tonight, manager Ed Soares explained that international PPVs generally draw 30% less buys than domestic cards meaning it may not have necessarily been Machida’s fault the show didn’t do as well as others have. He also pointed to Machida’s knockout of Ryan Bader on FOX in August increasing fans’ desire to see “The Dragon” fight, also adding Machida’s respectful attitude may have hurt the buy-rate as well when compared to trash-talkers like Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans.

Fortunately for Machida, Jones not only has a difficult draw ahead of him in Henderson but also isn’t the UFC matchmaker.

Check out the full video below: