Rory MacDonald jokes he will “probably end up killing” BJ Penn when they fight

In what is apparently turning into a trend this week, another high-profile Mixed Martial Artist has offered up a grim assessment of how a scheduled scrap will unfold. UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald recently went on record to respond to allegations from BJ Penn regarding his decision to withdraw from a September 22 fight due to a cut. According to Penn, MacDonald did not necessarily have to pull out but did so out of fear he would stumble in the tilt.

MacDonald, upset by the remarks, laughed off the notion of losing to Penn and even took things a step further, perhaps too far in the eyes of many.

Penn Points Finger at MacDonald’s Fear for UFC 152 Withdrawal

“That’s just a bunch of bullsh*t, cause not only do I know I’m gonna win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process,” said the 23-year old in an interview with SportsNet. “He can’t rile me up. I just think he’s a joker. He’s trying to get attention…he can do what he wants.”

Discussing an opponent’s death in MMA is understandably considered off-limits by most fighters given the nature of the sport and very real possibility of severe harm being inflicted.

The TriStar MMA product also revealed Penn hadn’t officially agreed to face him on December 8 at UFC on FOX 5 as had been announced. Regardless, based on the strong words from each camp, it looks like the two talented fighters are destined to dance at some point soon inside the Octagon.