(EXCLUSIVE) Krzysztof Soszynski updates fans on health, reveals when he’ll be back

While recent seasons of “The Ultimate Fighter” have produced fewer and fewer fighters that posses the kind of talent apt to cut it in the UFC, there’s one man that at 34-years-old, remains one of those few fighters with the kills to hack it in the world largest mixed martial arts promotion.

So where the hell has Krzysztof Soszynski been?

“I’m in Victoria, I just had knee surgery a few weeks ago, so I’m up here at a really good place doing some rehabilitation work”, said the Canadian light heavyweight standout.

“After my fight in Germany in November last year, I had both my knees scoped and I also had my nose done, I had a deviated septum in my nose, so I had all those surgeries done. I guess I came back a little too early because I pulled another cartilage and had a bunch of debris in my left knee after this past last fight against Mike Massenzio in Vancouver at UFC 131, so I had to get another scope again, it’s my seventh one on my knees. Just taking some time off right now to recover, rehabilitate, and hopefully we’ll never have to go through this again.”

The Canadian light heavyweight has had a successful run with the organization since joining it’s ranks in late 2008 on the heels of his stint one of the eighth season of the Spike TV reality show. He’s 6-2 inside the Octagon and holds victories over the likes of Stephan Bonnar and current top contender Brian Stann.

In his last outing, he extended a two-fight win streak when he defeated veteran Massenzio, a talented wrestler who hails from the Renzo Gracie Academy, which should tell you about his vaunted jiu-jitsu game. However, to say Krzysztof was a little bit disappointed with the bout would be a huge understatement. Massenzio was the third opponent Soszynski prepared for at the Vancouver card last June, where after two bouts failed to materialize, was he finally paired up with Mike, just days before the pay-per-view event.

“I was preparing myself to fight a tall jiu-jitsu guy (Anthony Perosh) who doesn’t have great hands, and then from that we changed into (Igor) Pokrajac who is more of a brawler type striker with good kicks, and then it went right into a straight wrestler, so it was definitely tough mentally. The good thing is that at the training camp where I am at with Reign Training Center with Mark Munoz and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and all the boys there, I was fortunate enough to have all the right training partners. Even though I was preparing for one guy, I was still training my wrestling, I was still working on my jiu-jitsu, still working on my striking, so I still felt as comfortable as I possibly could fighting a guy on such short notice.

“Even though it was a dominating win I was hoping for a finish”, continued Soszynski who staved off takedown attempt after takedown attempt for the full fifteen minutes of the fight.

“Not to say that he didn’t want to fight, but it was really hard to fight someone who all he really wanted to do was shoot the whole time and try to hold on for dear life, for the full fifteen-minutes. I was a little disappointed in that, I was hoping he was going to stand and strike with me a little bit more, or at least if he goes for a takedown, instead of just holding me down he’s maneuvering to side mount, or trying to go somewhere from there, which he didn’t do. I was a little more disappointed with the fact that I didn’t get the finish.”

While ”The Polish Experiment” continues to heal himself of his injuries in the meantime, he already has a set date in mind for his return. His opponent? Not so sure of, but UFC matchmaker Joe Silva would be more than happy to help him out.

“Silva and I have been chatting it up a little bit and we’ve been talking a little bit about the Toronto card on December 10th, so now I’m just kind of waiting to hear on that from him and see what the opponent is and if that’s the card they want me to fight at. I told them that I should be able to come back November, December, so we’ll see what he says when he gives me the call.”