Cris Cyborg: “When (Ronda Rousey) gets hit on the mouth and loses her teeth she’s gonna crawl her way home.”

Even though Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey’s hands are full with a match-up against former title-holder Sarah Kaufman scheduled for tomorrow night in San Diego, it looks like another talented female fighter has her sights set on the Olympic judoka. Cristiane Santos, who has been the target of Rousey’s trash-talk for months while stuck on the sidelines due to a failed drug test, recently spoke up to address the matter and had some choice words for her rival.

Though “Cyborg” doesn’t feel she can make 135 pounds in a healthy way, she is still hoping the two can meet in a cage to settle their differences where she plans to teach Rousey a lesson on respect.

Rousey Blasts Santos Regarding Inability to Make Weight

“I don’t need to prove to no one I’m the best. I defeated them all. If Ronda says I wasn’t clean in any of the fights I won, she’s disrespecting the commission. She’s challenging me and I gotta laugh at that. I’ve never fought on the bantamweight, I’ve always been a featherweight and I can drop like a couple of pounds,” began Santos in an interview with TATAME. “I never talked about her because I had no intent to fight her. She’s running away from me, ran away to another division and started saying sh*t. She chickened out.”

“I’ve never liked to say things about anyone because when you say things you carry a big bag of responsibility,” the hard-hitting Brazilian continued. “It’s easy saying things behind cameras. Even a parrot can talk. She knows I can’t drop that weight but it’s easy for her to come up, since she started fighting at my weight division. I’ve never been more excited for a fight like I am right now. She has no idea what is a knee, a punch in the mouth. I was born at a gym where I used to be beat up every single day, but I wasn’t afraid to come up and fight again. When she gets hit on the mouth and loses her teeth she’s gonna crawl her way home. I’ve never ran away from a fight and I’ve never picked out opponents. I fight anyone.”

Santos’ suspension runs out in mid-December. Rousey, who has expressed her openness to a meeting with Santos, has yet to waver in her stance about the scrap coming at bantamweight where she currently holds the gold as opposed to featherweight where “Cyborg” was champion.