Michael Bisping: “I’m going to go out there to completely embarrass Brian Stann.”

When UFC middleweight Michael Bisping meets Brian Stann inside the Octagon at UFC 152 he has two goals in mind – win and do so impressively. According to the brash Brit, he has been informed by matchmaker Joe Silva that a dominant victory over Stann will likely lead to a title-shot against divisional king Anderson Silva.

However, before Bisping can fully concern himself with a crack at the dynamic Brazilian he’ll first have to get by Stann which even he knows is easier said than done.

“I’ve got to perform. I’ve got to put on a good win against Brian Stann…Going out there and scrapping a decision by the skin of my teeth won’t cut it. I’ve got to go out there, I’ve got to beat him, I’m gonna look good and I’ve gotta fight. I’m going to put on the performance of my lifetime,” said Bisping in an interview with MMA Fight Corner before adding, “Brian Stann ain’t no pushover. If I do that, I believe I will get a title shot.”

Bisping also understands he’s not the only 185er in line for Silva, as unbeaten newcomer Chris Weidman has staked his own claim with a handful of impressive showings including a recent knockout of Mark Munoz. Still, “The Count” is confident he’ll get the nod over Weidman for factors not necessarily related to wins/losses inside the Octagon.

“I think Chris Weidman, whilst being a fantastic fighter, all the rest of it still needs to generate a little more hype. You know, no one really knows who he is. So, he needs some more big wins,” stated Bisping. “I’ve been there in the UFC now for six years, fighting the best the UFC’s had to offer and I’m still here. I’ve got a stellar record and I want to fight the champ. Obviously I got to earn that right, and that starts on September 22nd Pay Per View against Brian Stann.”

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“I’m training as hard as I ever trained. I’ve got a fantastic camp going on,” the 33-year old continued. “Other than that, I’m going to go out there to completely embarrass Brian Stann. I’m going to prove that I’m in a completely different league, beat the crap out of him and take my title shot.”

The 22-4 Bisping is 4-1 in his last five fights with the lone blemish involving a controversial decision loss to Chael Sonnen in a bout many, including UFC President Dana White, felt he deserved to have his hand raised after. Stann holds the same record over his last five outings, also with a loss to Sonnen though his came by way of submission rather than at the judges’ discretion.